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Norman-Rockwell-Thanksgiving-thanksgiving-2927689-375-479A generation ago, when you’d visit a friend’s house, the first-generation American mom would feed you.  There was always food available in the house and it was homemade.  It was an insult to the family to refuse to eat something.  Many cultures are food-based, though here in America we are becoming food freaks.  Although I’m getting old now, it hasn’t been that long ago that I can remember a culture where nothing was wasted.  I remember pie crust made with lard and a can on the stove with the morning’s bacon grease to be spread on bread at lunch at my grandfather’s house.  My dad ate pickled pigs’ feet and really smelly cheese.

We’ve evolved to be somewhat healthier human beings but we certainly aren’t healthier in proportion to the “healthier” foods we’re eating.  Fat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free…we should be extremely thin and living forever!  Paleo diet worked for paleo man who had an average lifespan of – what – 40 years?

The crazy stuff we eat is trendy but definitely not sustainable.

We were born to enjoy food and enjoy the act of eating.  We like to have dinner together because it’s a social activity for which we are pre-programmed as humans.  Food is a pleasure, and one that we like to share.

This is why, at my house on Thanksgiving this coming Thursday, I will be sharing a huge feast with people whom I love dearly.  We will be eating family recipes that have been on the table for three generations that I can verify and suspect have been on tables I’ve never seen.  We will have just as much dessert (pies) available as we have dinner.  We’ll have a large loaf of plain ol’ white bread and Miracle Whip for late night sandwiches even though we’re stuffed from dinner.  We will feel like a family.

There will be no kale, no fat-free or sugar-free, or counting calories.  We will absolutely enjoy the day and the meal and will look forward to it fondly for next year too.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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