Are Humans the Alien Species on Earth?

The idea that Humans are an Alien Species on Earth came to me in a dream last night. In it, I saw a Superior Species somewhere Out There that perceives Humans as a predatory, invasive species, like Asian Carp in the Great Lakes.  To deal with the growing problem, the Superior Species traveled space to find a planet suitable to sustain Humans and proceeded to banish the Humans to this new planet, Earth — like sending prisoners and bad guys to Australia and America in the 1800s.

Humans have proven themselves to be self-centered, self-sustaining invaders.  We are taking over the Earth at an astonishing rate, destroying our environment and every other living thing in the process.  We gobble up resources like Pac Man, leaving death and destruction in our wake.  We are technically “eating our own” as the people with the most money take out those of us who don’t all over the world.  There are, of course, exceptions to the rule, but they are in such a minority as to be unable to make much of a difference.

This would easily explain the origins of man — some invasive Humans were simply dropped here. It would also explain the disappearance of ancient cultures — as they progressed to a system where there were more Mankind Munchers than Munchees, they just killed themselves off.  We appear to be in the process of doing it again.

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