Trick or TREAT!

When I was a kid, it took forever to finish trick-or-treating. The grandma two doors down had homemade donuts and hot cider and you had to go in and visit awhile. Some families passed out apples. You sure couldn’t do that today because, you know, it’s just too darned easy to get a razor blade into one (huh?); also, they are so expensive now the cost of giving them out would be prohibitive – more than a candy bar, for sure. Sometimes we got a few pennies and could buy our own candy at the Penny Candy store, where it actually cost a cent or two. Remember those wax bottles with the colored sugar liquid in them? We would be gone for hours. Mom was probably glad we were out of the house. We walked all the way to the “better neighborhoods” to get full-sized candy bars. It was all about the candy.

It still is. I will be giving out Snickers bars this Halloween. Maybe some fruit snacks for the nut-challenged. But it will be a TREAT, not some lame pencil or sticker. If this does not fit in with your beliefs, please just skip my house and don’t force your food politics on me. Thank you.

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