Well, not a chicken dinner but I’ve won lots of things playing sweepstakes in September!  It’s time consuming, but now that I’m home all the time, I have “extra time” to enter them.  In September alone, I won a Thermador sapphire dishwasher, a family entertainment pack consisting of a home popcorn machine and a Cuisinart soft-serve ice cream maker – with all the trimmings including popcorn, oil, little bags for the popcorn, Junket for the ice cream, bowls and spoons – an air purifier, a beautiful beach cruiser bike from Snapple, a case of Bay’s English Muffins, and so many little things (a book about cats, a money clip, an eyeliner pencil from Mary Kay, etc.) that there’s been something new in the mail nearly every day! The dogs have always looked forward to the arrival of the mailman but now I do too!   I can’t imagine that my “luck” will hold out, but it’s been great because I won lots of toys to give the grandkids at holiday time, especially welcome in a home with a very tight budget.

If you are interested in entering sweepstakes “for fun and profit,” I recommend the following websites to get started:,, and  Meredith Company publishes many magazines such as Good Housekeeping, Better Homes & Gardens, Redbook, etc., and that’s a good source of sweeps.  Of course, you can google “sweepstakes” and “giveaways” and “contests” and “promotions” to find others in which you may be interested. Local sweepstakes can be found by googling local radio station websites.  I recently won tickets to the air show in Osh Kosh, Wisconsin and although I couldn’t use them, I was able to sell them for cash on craigslist.  I found that sweepstakes on a local station’s website.

I’d advise you set up a separate email to enter contests.  You will get lots of junk email and it’s very time-intensive to delete it.  Also, some hosts will require that you be “subscribed” to them in order to win, so you’ll want to be careful about who you delete and when.  I also have a separate facebook page just for sweepstakes and have hundreds of sweepstakes “friends,” people who I really don’t know at all but who have the same interest I do.  As I’m just finding out, there are networks of these people and even “conventions” where some of them meet each other!

Beware…if your prize is over a certain price point (I think it’s $500), you will be responsible to file an I9 and pay income tax on the value of the prize.  It could be substantial if you win something as valuable as a car!

Good luck to you!  Maybe next month I’ll win that chicken dinner!


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