Just Exactly How Many Resumes Do I Have to Send Out Anyway?

Are you one of the myriad of people sending out a gazillion resumes trying to find a new job, or a job at all?  I personally know LOTS of people in this boat and they all have the same lament.  Here’s something that really crumbles my cork: The New “Human Resources.”

I am beginning to think that HR101 includes a class in rudeness.  By that, I mean forgetting the “human” in human resources.  Those of us who have been job hunting know the feeling well.   In this New Millennium, it would seem that being able to stay at home in one’s pajamas and peruse the internet looking for open positions and then applying online would be the ideal situation.  IT IS NOT.  It seems every company has their own HR department site with their own rules.  The passwords one has to remember are alone enough to fill up one’s brain.

I firmly believe that applying for a job is the last way to find one.  Most everyone I’ve spoken with has told me they found their job through a friend or a friend-of-a-friend.  Not a colleague or ex-colleague, but a friend.

If you are unfortunate enough to be applying for jobs online, you will find that it takes at least an hour to fill out each application, to which you will attach your resume and cover letter, which contains the EXACT SAME information.  Are they trying to catch you in a lie?  I don’t know.  The information required in the applications is extensive and really more than is necessary; however, you can’t go to the next field if you haven’t filled out the current one.   Who cares where you went to elementary school?

Once you’ve finished completing the required steps online and sending your personal information to God Knows Where, you will w-a-i-t to hear from them.  Mostly, you will w-a-i-t f-o-r-e-v-e-r because they have no intention of ever answering you.  Not an “okay we got it,” or a phone call, email, text, twitter, or carrier pigeon.  You just sit and wonder how many people know your most secret career intentions.

If, by some act of nature, you get a call from one of these places, you will spend half a day getting ready for the interview, spend all of your dwindling resources getting your best suit dry-cleaned, putting petrol into your auto so you can drive an hour (or more) to the interview, and waste at least an hour at the first interview.  Rarely, are they done with one anymore.  You will probably be asked to come back at least once more…maybe twice… so you can go through the first part of this paragraph all over again.  By this time, you’re back to eating the ramen noodles you were eating in college.  If you have not waited forever as previously noted, you will definitely wait forever now.  You will falsely be told that you will be contacted one way or the other in a reasonable period of time (the end of the week, next week, etc), but they will NEVER call you, or email, text, twitter, or carrier pigeon.

They are just downright rude.  I despise Human Resources people.  They are the new Mean People.

If, by any chance, any HR people read this (but I’m sure they don’t have time to read as they spend so much time ignoring people), here’s what you need to do:  PUT THE HUMAN BACK INTO IT.  You don’t have to look anyone in the face or speak with them if you send an email.  Email is probably the first contact you had with a candidate, so it’s acceptable.  Believe me, it would be welcome.  WE JUST WANT TO KNOW.  Have enough respect for candidates to at least let them know, even if it is not an affirmative note.

Furthermore, HR people:  I am so sick of this, I’ve just retired.  Personally, I don’t give a rodent’s bum if any of you are ever looking for a new job and don’t get that call back, but at least have the common courtesy to notify others of your decisions.  It’s just the right thing to do.


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Looking for FREE entertainment?

10517289_960748530608296_8452879042989574373_oHad a great time yesterday in the audience of WINDY CITY LIVE!   Although the topic (“Pillow Talk”) wasn’t on my list of favorites, it’s always fun to go downtown for an activity and FREE is the best kind of activity!

There are three shows that tape in Chicago and offer free tickets to audience members:  Windy City Live tapes at the WLS/ABC studios at 190 N State Street (across from the Chicago Theater and just down the street from the old Marshall Field’s store (now Macy’s, of course).   Here is the website to get tickets:  http://windycitylive.com/about/Join-the-Windy-City-LIVE-audience/8134297.

The Steve Harvey Show and Judge Mathis tape at NBC5 Chicago, 454 N Columbus Dr, Chicago.  I have been to The Steve Harvey Show several times and it is a hoot.  The website to score tickets for Steve Harvey is http://www.steveharveytv.com/get-tickets.  The website for Judge Mathis tickets is judgemathistv.com/tickets.

The Steve Harvey Show, as well as Windy City Live frequently give surprises to the audience members and it is not only fun to attend the tapings, but it’s also fun to go home with something too!

I’ve attended these tapings for years and they are lots of fun.  Although you may not actually enjoy the topics presented, you will definitely enjoy the wonderful people you’ll meet and you’ll enjoy the experience of seeing how these shows are made.  Plan for a block of time to include the wait which can be quite some time.  You’ll have to arrive early to check in.  Be aware that the production often overbooks to make sure there’s a full audience. Sometimes additional segments are taped while you’re there in addition to the day’s agenda.   Wear colorful clothing for a couple of reasons:  It looks good on TV and it makes it easier for your family and friends to find you in the audience while they’re watching for you!

If you have a reduced fare ticket for seniors on the RTA, you will be able to have a nice day of entertainment for almost nothing!  Enjoy!

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License Plate Discounts and RTA Discounts in Illinois

One benefit low income seniors in Illinois may not be aware of is the license plate discount!  There is also a benefit for RTA (Chicago area) reduced rides.  You may receive a $75 discount on ONE license plate registration in Illinois.  The information can be found here: http://www.illinois.gov/aging/BenefitsAccess/Pages/Eligibility%20and%20Frequently-Asked-Questions.aspx.  An example of the reduced fare program is one I found yesterday: The regular fare on the Union Pacific from Wheaton to Chicago is $5.50 one way; with a reduced fare pass it’s only $2.50!

There is a simple online form to complete and return with a copy of your Illinois driver’s license and proof of income for the license plate discount.  At the same time, you can be approved for the reduced fare program.  However, you will have to complete another form for the RTA, and you will be issued a card to use for this purpose.  You will need to include a passport-sized photo with this application.  A free passport photo can be taken at their offices if you can get downtown to do it (the office is at 69 W Washington St, downtown Chicago).

These simple tasks can really save money on transportation costs for low income seniors during the year.

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